Competitive Advantage

The founders of the Yodock Wall Company, Inc. have been pioneering the plastic deformable barrier from the early 1980's and hold significant patents in this field.
The Yodock Wall Company, Inc. is a leading supplier of plastic deformable barriers which can be filled with water, sand or other materials to stabilize them or to prevent easy penetration. There are a wide variety of applications for the Yodock Barrier System. Applications range from traffic control to security uses.

The Yodock Barrier is the most versatile plastic barrier on the market and provides multiple advantages over concrete and other competing products.
Versus conventional devices: durability, no sand bags, easy deployment, portability,
multi-functionality, better visability, add-on capabilities.

Yodock versus Concrete Barriers:

  • Easier Deployment & Relocations
  • Reduced Transportation Costs

Yodock Versus Barricades:

  • Yodock meets barricade, type II & III, & longitudinal channelizing
    crashworthy requirements
  • Eliminates the need for sand bags
  • Provides increased decision site distance (better visability)
  • Provides a clear line of delineation
  • Clearly outlines entrances and exits into a travel way
  • Reduces maintenance of installed work zone devices
  • Provides a more fliud traffic flow through work zones.


Features and Benefits

The YODOCK SYSTEM is a patented, light weight, heavy duty plastic channelizing device. When filled with water,sand, or other material, the YODOCK SYSTEM offers extra positive protection to satisfy the most demandingapplications.

The Model 2001 exceeds all prior models. Improve the Bottom Line.
The Yodock Wall Company has the finest ballastable barriers and channelizers for any industry. The product can be used in multiple applications on any project you can envision. We offer true project cost savings due to our testing, marketing, and pricing model. Our process creates piece of mind and real savings.

We not only manufacture and market our products we use them in real world applications. This provides us with cutting edge ideas and constant product enhancements.
Lower transportation costs due to reduced weight and stackability Lower yard and capital costs due to our product(s) versatility We deliver the industries most durable product which creates minimal repair costs Decreased liability exposure due to the Yodock thorough testing procedures and programs.


Landside Products

This Specification recognizes the need for a lightweight, portable traffic control device to perform some of the functions of concrete barriers, cones, barrels, Type I, II, III barricades and other such devices used to control, direct, channel, and stop vehicular and pedestrian traffic for purposes of aiding in containment and / or safety.

Waterfront Products

The YFWB Model 2001BB has been designed and developed by the Yodock Wall Company as a lightweight portable waterfront floating security barrier for application as a floating protective barrier for ports, harbors, marine terminals,
shipyards, and other high value or security sensitive waterfront structures and vessels. The design of the 2001BB is based on years of experience and testing of Yodock landside traffic barriers and security systems similar in size and construction.

The mid-sized 2001BB waterfront barrier is directly applicable to the following security and related requirements: Providing a clear line of demarcation on the water. Providing an impediment to swimmers attempting to cross into a security area and Providing an impediment to small vessels attempting to penetrate a security area.